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Clinical Trials Laboratory Services (CTLS), based in London, UK, is a premier laboratory facility that collects fresh human blood for research purposes. CTLS provides dedicated services for the procurement of high quality serum, plasma, blood and blood cells for research in the pharmaceutical, bioanalytical, biotechnology, clinical trials, diagnostic and drug industries.

Researchers use the blood to help with clinical research into various diseases. Please note that genetic research (DNA genotyping studies) may be performed using these blood samples. Your blood is provided with your consent and is anonymised.

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Fresh human blood is required for research purposes by our clients, who use the blood to help with clinical research into various diseases and for development of new medicines. Please note that your identity will not be revealed. Your consent will be taken as some of the body fluids may be used for genetic studies. Our end users take on the responsibility to ensure that their research and handling of samples is done in compliance with the HTA UK regulations. Any remaining unused fluids containing cells will be discarded by CTLS once a specific piece of work has been completed. However, processed samples, plasma or serum may be stored for subsequent research.