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Target a cure. Together.

Your blood donation advances medical research and scientific discoveries

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The global scientific community has made strides in advancing research and clinical therapies to better the lives of patients suffering from a variety of diseases and disorders. To continue these efforts, researchers need a reliable source of biological specimens... and that's where you come in! Your donation can help accelerate efforts to end diseases, genetic disorders and immune conditions.

Donors of all backgrounds, ethnicities and blood types are encouraged to participate as often as possible. 

Review our eligibility requirements and familiarise yourself with the donation process. Our friendly staff are here to make sure your donation is safe, comfortable and convenient. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have.

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1. Contact Us

Contact our donor recruitment coordinator to conduct a pre-screening phone interview consisting of basic health questions. 
On Site Health Screening

2. On-site Health Screening

If you qualify to donate based on the pre-screen, your visit will include an on-site health screening where your weight, blood pressure and pulse are measured and your veins assessed. We will also obtain a blood sample to see if your cell count falls within normal range. Be sure to bring a valid, government-issued photo ID with you.

3. Donate

If you meet the eligibility requirements, we’ll inform you about our varying donation options. If you agree to participate in one of our programs, we will escort you to the donor room or book your donation appointment.
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4. Post Donation

Relax and enjoy refreshments while you recover. Donors are compensated based on the collection performed.  Please call our donor centre to discuss compensation details.

Why Donate With Us?

Get to know us and take pride in the fact that your donation could help someone live longer and enjoy a better quality of life.

Blood Donors
Years in business
Years in Business
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Our Programmes and Services

We offer many ways for you to donate. In exchange for your time and effort, you will be compensated for each programme.

Whole Blood

Whole Blood

This is the easiest way to get started! Book an appointment today.
White Blood Cells

White Blood Cells (aka Leukapheresis)

Donating these cells supports critical immunology-based research. 
Other Biofluids

Other Biofluids

See our comprehensive list of other collection types used to support research.
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To donate, you must be between the ages of 18 and 66, in good health and be pre-screened. All blood types are needed. You will be compensated after your donation.

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